Thank All of You, Again

Foundation Supporters and Friends of the Library, thank you!

Once again the El Cerrito Library Community rallied in support of our library and showed its support for retaining 46 open hours per week. Over 60 public comments asking the City Council to fund an additional six hours that would maintain our 46 hours per week operation were submitted to the Council at their June 16th and 22nd Council meetings.

Just as important, in these public comments, most commenters reminded the City Council that maintaining this 46 hours per week schedule is not only a financial decision — it is also a more important equity decision.

It is an equity decision because for a significant portion of our community, our library is the only computer access and internet access they have. Therefor, reduced library hours means reduced access which results in reduced opportunities for theses library users.

So, thank you all, again for your support in maintaining a 46 hours per week schedule for ALL of our library users.

Because of a change in the Contra Costa Library’s rules, beginning July 1st, the El Cerrito Library will be closed Sundays and Mondays. Please see the Library’s page for an updated list of hours:

Questions about the new library hours? Please contact out Senior Community Library Manager, Heidi Goldstein at

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