“Why I love the Library”

Libraries play an important role in the lives of many people. Some have fond memories from childhood, of getting their first library card or checking out a treasured book. Families often tell us how the library plays a role in many parts of their lives from special programs to computer usage, maker events and favorite librarians.”

The above statements are from a recent post on the Contra Costa County Library’s web site seeking comments from library patrons on, “Why I love the Library” as part of their “Celebrate Valentine’s Day and Library Lover’s Month” project.

It’s no surprise to us that several patrons of the El Cerrito Library were quick to respond and offer their remarks. You can use the links below to view some of the remarks submitted.

I want to thank Heidi Goldstein, our Senior Community Library Manager, for her help in making these materials available for our enjoyment.

Al Miller, President, El Cerrito Library Foundation

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