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Thank You, El Cerrito Library Supporters!

On Tuesday afternoon, June 9, the El Cerrito City Council held a Special City Council Budget Study Session.

During this study session, the Council heard and discussed recommendations for programs and services that could be reduced based on previously determined strategic priorities. Reducing El Cerrito Library operating hours from 46 to 35, the minimum hours provided by the County, was one of the reductions recommended.

The City Council also heard Public comment from 103 residents, most all from El Cerrito, but a few from Richmond Annex and Kensington. 49 of these comments requested that library hours not be cut, and that El Cerrito continue funding 11 additional hours so our library will remain open 46 hours, six days a week. (Last month Contra Costa County decided to close all branch libraries on Sundays.)

At the end of the study session, the city council members each spent about 5 minutes providing guidance to city staff and the consultant about the matters presented and to assist staff and the consultants in preparing recommendations for the June 16 council meeting.  Four of the five members (Mayor Lyman, Mayor Pro Tem Fadelli, and Councilmembers Pardue-Okimoto and Quinto all included as part of their statements a statement to the effect that cutting library hours should no longer be considered.

The El Cerrito Library Foundation applauds and thanks each and everyone of you 49 supporters who took the time to make your voices heard. It’s broad based support like this that ensures all of the Councilmembers know that we care, and that we are paying attention to what they are saying and doing.

To receive notices from the City of any City Council meetings, budget discussions, or other City activities please sign up for the notices <>. FYI, the next budget discussion will be during the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020. The meeting agenda and packet <> will be available some time Thursday afternoon, June 11.

Al Miller, President, El Cerrito Library Foundation

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