Kathryn Page’s assessment update at City Council

Kathy Page presented to the City Council an update on the El Cerrito Library’s space needs assessment (PDF) she did in 2006.

Rick Radin reported on her presentation:

“The new study, known as a needs assessment, was completed in February and is based on information gathered last fall at community meetings, site visits and mail-in responses, coupled with research on the latest trends in library architecture and technology.

“The assessment concluded that El Cerrito needs a new one-story building of about 20,000 square feet with about 190 seats, 66 laptop and desktop computers and shelf space for about 60,000 books, according to Kathryn Page, the consultant who wrote the latest report and the earlier 2006 document.

“The envisioned replacement library would be about three times the size the existing library, which was built in 1948 and enlarged in 1960.”

Continue reading: “El Cerrito report outlines what community wants in new library” by Rick Radin, March 6, 2014, Inside Bay Area.

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