El Cerrito New Library Volunteers – Online Meetings Coming Up Nov 7 & 12

Join the El Cerrito New Library Committee in an online “live chat” session for our current and prospective volunteers! We will review upcoming volunteer opportunities, ranging from things that can be done at home to public events, and everything in between. We also are looking forward to meeting participants sharing their ideas for volunteer activities and projects. Get more involved in building support for a new library in El Cerrito by participating on either date:

Thursday, November 7, 8-9 PM
Tuesday, November 12, 8-9 PM

Log onto the Internet anytime during the session and go to this link: http://vyew.com/253921/New_Library_Volunteers. We’ll be there! There will be an agenda with material to cover, but also plenty of time for Q&A. Both sessions will use the same agenda, so no need to “attend” both. We hope that doing online meetings will be more convenient for our volunteer base – feel free to provide feedback on that. No need to download any software to join the session.

Hope to “chat” with you soon!

Amalia Cunningham
El Cerrito New Library Committee volunteer coordinator

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