El Cerrito Library basement floods destroy books

The old El Cerrito library is tired and overdue for replacement. Torrential rainstorms in the past several weeks have proven this need in yet another sad way!

The Friends of the El Cerrito Library support group accepts book donations from patrons who wish to donate books they no longer need. The Friends then evaluate the donations and offer those that are in good condition at periodic book sales at the Library. Some especially valuable books are sold online. Funds raised from these sales go directly to support library programs and new materials. Most of these programs and materials are for children and their families.

The good donated books are stored in the basement of the Library until a sale is held.

The latest disappointment for the Friends was during a recent torrential rainstorm when there was flooding in the basement of the Library due either to inadequate maintenance of storm drains or simply the fact that the rain and wind were too severe for the drains to work properly. The picture below illustrates some of the many waterlogged books that were ruined beyond reclamation. As you can see, they had to go to the landfill since they could not be saved, recycled, or sold.

Water damaged hardcover books in trash can.

A new Library with adequate, above ground storage space for the Friends books would guarantee that such a tragedy is not repeated at a new Library. We will keep you informed of progress toward a new, modern, safe Library with occasional news reports from the Foundation. If you know of others who might be interested, direct them to our Foundation web site at:  https://eclibraryfoundation.org/

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