El Cerrito city budget now includes funds for needs assessment survey

Dear Supporters,

Following up on our request for all library supporters to email their concerns to the El Cerrito City Council prior to the budget discussion of June 4, we’re pleased to report that the City Council has agreed to spend $25,000 on an update of the 2006-07 needs assessment survey that we requested. Council members indicated that your emails were absolutely relevant to this decision. And although we did not get funding for additional hours for the library this year, Mayor Greg Lyman committed to holding an open workshop later in the year for citizens to give input on what they think appropriate library hours should be.

Your continued support for the library is appreciated and we certainly welcomed seeing so many of you at the 100th anniversary celebration on June 14.

El Cerrito Library 100th Anniversary
Mayor Greg Lyman cuts cake for party guests at El Cerrito Library 100th Anniversary event on June 14, 2013.

The El Cerrito New Library Committee

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