Articles of Interest

  • The Impact of Libraries as Creative Spaces – June 2017

    Ready access to information through digital media has challenged the perceived societal roles of public libraries. Since the mid 1990s, libraries have reoriented themselves towards public participation beyond lending and reading. 

    Libraries now offer an increasing range of community-focused creative activities. Library spaces are transforming. In addition to housing archival and loan materials, desks and reading spaces, libraries are becoming even more flexible and activity-oriented. Given these transformations, understanding and demonstrating the new contributions public libraries make to their communities is critical. (Read more.)

  • How Libraries are Boldly Innovating to Meet the Needs of Changing Communities – November 16, 2016

    More than a decade ago, the city of Lafayette in the greater San Francisco Bay Area did some soul-searching about the fate of its library. With a population of just a little more than 25,000, the city had outgrown the tiny 1960s building within a decade. The library’s structure was falling apart, which was especially problematic in earthquake country. As the conversation about building a new library ramped up, Steve King, a longtime resident and small business economy researcher, wasn’t so sure a brick-and-mortar library was even needed — not with the Internet seemingly taking its place. The way he saw it, you could find much of the same information online as you could at the library — anytime, without even leaving the house. (Read more.)