EC Library 2020 presentation at City Council Meeting on Jan 19

The El Cerrito City Council Meeting on January 19, 2021 will include a presentation on the El Cerrito library programs, activities, and social media presence during 2020. Heidi Goldstein, our Senior Community Library Manager will be the presenter. View the presentation.

Information on how to join this virtual City Council meeting.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting and submit your public comments to let the City Council members, especially the new members, Lisa Motoyama and Tessa Rudnick, know what our library means to you and your family and how important those services are to the quality of life in El Cerrito.

Instructions for Submitting Public Comments for City Council Meetings During the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

Thank you all for your continuing interest and support of the El Cerrito Library.

Al Miller, President, El Cerrito Library Foundation

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