City Budget Meeting Update

THANK YOU for your support for a new library! Your actions made a difference.

Tuesday night at the City Council meeting, many council members mentioned the many library-support emails they got earlier that day, as well as the impressive showing of people wearing the green “I support a new library for El Cerrito” badges in the audience.

Spurred by Councilmember Friedman, the Council directed staff to come back in two weeks with creative solutions to fund both additional library hours as well as a needs assessment update in the next budget.

Adding library support was the only significant change several Council members wanted to see in the proposed budget – your emails and attendance at the meeting made a difference in stimulating that request.

If you have not yet indicated your support for additional open library hours each week next year and for an update to the needs assessment, there is still time to do so since the City Council will not make a final budget decision before the next budget hearing June 18 at 7 in the evening at City Hall. If you haven’t done so, please send an email to: and say “I support more library hours and I support updating the Needs Assessment – now, not later.”

THANK YOU again for all you are doing to bring a new library a step closer to reality and for supporting making library services more accessible for all.


The El Cerrito Needs A New Library Committee

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