Needs assessment reports

Children playing next to working staff.
Children playing next to working staff in El Cerrito Library. © 2015 Thomas Rogers.


  • El Cerrito Library Space Needs Assessment Update, Feburary 2014 – DRAFT Draft (PDF)
    A facility that offers approximately 20,845 square feet is recommended for El Cerrito to meet both current and projected library service needs through the year 2030 and beyond. A one-story library is recommended to keep staffing and operational costs to a minimum and to provide optimal building efficiency. The total amount of square footage is actually slightly less than the total recommended in 2006, by approximately 800 square feet, as the result of changes proposed in the use of space and square footage allocations within the building. These changes include… (El Cerrito Library, p. 1)”
  • Library Service and Design Trends” – A presentation given by Kathryn Page Associates on October 24, 2013 (PDF)


  • El Cerrito Needs Assessment 2006 (PDF)
    A new 21,626 square foot Library is recommended for El Cerrito. The new facility will enable the Library’s collections to grow over time to 75,700 books and media items, shelved on appropriate shelving. It will accommodate a seating capacity of 126, distributed throughout the facility and providing a variety of seating options. It will provide 54 public access computers, 42 in open access spaces and 12 in a computer training room. It will provide an acoustically enclosed meeting room that can accommodate audiences of 100 people, three group study rooms and a separate children’s programming area. Space dedicated for teens and for literacy tutoring would also be available (El Cerrito Needs, p. 1).”