BART Plaza Station Library Study Session 2/21City Council Meeting

Important news for all of you wanting a new library in El Cerrito. The El Cerrito City Council will conduct a Study Session on the Library Option for a new 20,000 sqft library as part of the BART Plaza Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Project at its February 21st City Council Meeting. (NOTE: Council Meetings now start at 6:00 pm rather than 7:00 pm.)

The outdated ground floor layout shown above suggested the new library would be located in C-EAST as shown. Current information now has the proposed location moved to C-WEST on Liberty Street. Current information also shows that C-WEST construction is now in Phase 3, for which construction would start in late 2024.

The El Cerrito Library Foundation supports a new library as part of this BART TOD Project and will be working to help make it happen. Please become familiar with the project, attend this February 21st City Council meeting and let our City Council know that you want a new library at the Plaza Station and what you want in a new library. This Council meeting will still be a hybrid meeting so you can attend via Zoom or in person.

NOTE: Commencing 1 March 2023 all City Council, Commission, and Committee meetings will be in-person meeting at City Hall, only.

The February 21 City Council Meeting Agenda/Packet information will be available Thursday after noon 02/16/2023 at the link below:

February 21 City Council Meeting agenda/Packet information

Instructions for submitting written Public Comment is available from the City Clerk here:

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