A year’s end note

As 2020 comes to a close, we thank you for supporting the El Cerrito Library and the El Cerrito Library Foundation. We are grateful for your support in the midst of the challenges of this past year. All of us at the El Cerrito Library Foundation (ECLF) wish you a safe healthy, and happy holiday season and Happy New Year!

All Contra Costa County Library branches, except Ygnacio Valley and Pinole, at this time are providing only FRONT DOOR SERVICE and is available during the normal hours for each Library location. Specific days and times are available here. All libraries are now closed on Sundays.

Book returns at all of the branches that are providing FRONT DOOR SERVICE are open 24/7. Please return any library items you have as you finish with them as our library would like to get more materials back into circulation.

You can find more information about the FRONT DOOR SERVICE here. Masks are required.

While the El Cerrito Library Foundation was founded to work to achieve a new, safe, modern library for El Cerrito, El Cerrito’s priority efforts to improve the City’s financial status has delayed efforts to achieve that goal. This means we will be using our current library for several more years than originally planned.

Because of this delay, the El Cerrito Library Foundation will be discussing possible projects with the City that would make library use more enjoyable in this interval. Any suggestions you may have are welcomed. Please submit them to us at info@eclibraryfoundation.org.

Al Miller, President, ECLF

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