52 Dreams for a new Library

At our booth at the July the 4th City of El Cerrito/OneWorld festival, we collected dreams for our new library. We asked booth visitors “What are you dreaming for our new library?” They shared their thoughts on colored Post-Its and posted them on our large display poster (see below).

A list of the “52 dreams” is below. 

Please share your dreams for our new library, too! Send them to info@eclibraryfoundation.org and we’ll add them to this list.

All day we handed out 582 of our traditional little green stickers “I support a new library in El Cerrito.” If you missed yours this year, be sure to drop by next year!

52 dreams

Items in bold face are already available. Ask the Librarian for help to find it.

“I’m dreaming of purple butterflies” Lena, age 4
A new building
Comfortable outdoor reading space. And Meditation Yoga
Include Senior Center and create a multi-age facility that will be good for all; Kids, parents & grandparents. Put it at a central location near existing Community Center.
Conference meeting rooms
Staff work area & break room
A wonderful light filled reading room with views of trees
Combine with a new Senior Center and Rec Center
Poetry events
Book clubs for the classics
“Picture of a Rocket ship” from Owen
Lending Library for tools and household stuff
More books!
Jewish Book Club
More Newberys
A soft landing for books & DVDs @ bottom of “Return Book” slot: A large shelf for Link-Plus: A comfy staff room
Show historical movies and documentaries
Upgrades & more books!
Free/discounted books for teachers
Computer learning lab
Art resources
A café with comfortable reading chairs & tables serving Well Grounded coffee!
A new Café
Books, a cow, and a silly person
More graphic novels
More books, especially science fiction
A coffee/tea shop; A safe gathering place.
More language Programs & College workshops
Clean & bright restrooms
Local history pictures like the Pinole Library
Recently published children’s books
A history room
Tool lending
Climate Change information center
A felt board for little kids
Art reading corner and book shelves
A kids reading space
More story Time!
Bigger, Better,& Upgraded, PLEASE!!!!!
Modern Computer lab
A new “State-of-the-art-Library”
Weekly “Cubing’ Club (Rubix Cubes)
More movies based on books
Expanded, cozy kids space for chapter book reading, grades 2+
Better computers, more books, bigger space
LOVE EC Library! More Books, Book Club/s, Tool lending, Thank you!
Great family events
“New Arrivals” section
An app to access electronically
A “Young Librarians” program sp we “whippersnappers” can learn what it really means to be a librarian; what it really means to be the guardian of stories.


  • More Bilingual Story time for all children 2-8 years old, coming from all over
  • A beautiful library, more comfortable chairs, quiet rooms, more magazines, gorgeous native landscaping that can be seen from inside, inspiring artwork from our community, and etc, etc!

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