City Council 2/18 to discuss budget cutbacks – show your support for the library!

Library users and Supporters:

Most of you may be aware that the City of El Cerrito is going through an “everything is on the table” budget review process. One of the things “on the table” is something near and dear to all of us – The extended hours, seven days per week operation of the El Cerrito Library. 

If having seven day per week access to our library, and the resulting increased number of programs, is important to you, please come to the Tuesday, February 18 El Cerrito City Council meeting and tell the Council why.

The February 18 Council meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at the El Cerrito City Hall, 10890 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530, beginning at 7:00 pm. At this meeting the City staff will present the mid-year budget adjustments for City Council approval as well as the completed Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

To speak during the agenda item 7.B. FY 2019-20 Mid-Year Budget Update, please come early enough to fill out a speakers card available in the council.

FYI: In the upcoming council Agenda Item 7.C. Discussion of City Events the City Council will also discuss possible city event cancellation including the City of El Cerrito & worldOne 4th of July Festival.

Please come to this meeting and “speak your piece” to let your opinion count.

On Jan 21st, the City Manager provided a budget update to the City Council and outlined some upcoming opportunities for our community to participate in shaping the future of our City.

The City staff is expected to work on updating the City website to include our budget presentations, information from the Town Hall meeting for those that can’t be in attendance, as well as City Council presentations. Please keep checking the page for updated information.

Thank you.
Al Miller, President, El Cerrito Library Foundation

The City’s finances and what it means for our new library

Last Saturday, on February 1, at the El Cerrito Town Hall’s well-attended meeting, the residents learned more about the city’s poor finances.* The next two meetings on February 12 and March 14 will be about the City’s Strategic Plan that reflect community’s priorities. To help the city staff make smart decisions on what services to cut to lower expenses, we must let them know what city services are very important to us today and in the next few years.

We are disappointed that we will have to wait longer for a new library, but we must let the city staff know TODAY that our current library and its newly restored full-time services are important for our community’s quality of life. Please plan to attend the open house, workshop and fill out the online survey to make your voice heard.

Strategic Plan Open House
February 12 at 6pm at City Hall

Strategic Plan Community Survey
Deadline is February 14, 2020

City Council Strategic Plan Workshop
March 14 at 9:30 to 2pm at City Hall


* Check The City of El Cerrito’s website for more information. Slides & notes from the town hall is expected to be posted to the site soon.